Splendiferous Hair

I think we all agree that everyone has splendiferous hair today.

(even with a turquoise splotch).

A dignified old lady.

And, for some strange reason, everyone was looking remarkably clean.

Even Storm.

Albie is such a handsome chap.

Sóley and her silly-foalie-frilly!

One engimatic Waffle served with a side order of handsomeness!

And to think folk cut, trim, pull (and even dye to take away the natural wind bleached look) a Shetland ponies’ manes in some countries is quite beyond my comprehension.  Why would anyone do that?  They are truly beautiful as they are.

4 thoughts on “Splendiferous Hair

  1. Carol

    there is a good hair day but not often for sure….these pictures were wonderful…and thank
    you for this blog…look forward to it daily….

  2. Linda

    They ARE beautiful! I think that turquoise is her color, and Waffle should be photographed for those “bodice-ripper” romantic paperbacks… 😉

  3. Kerry

    A beautiful Easter posy of ponies all looking their best for an Easter Parade. Adore the silly frillies
    Wishing you all all the best this Eastertide

  4. Margaret Robinson

    They do that with the larger versions too and one has to wonder……….

    Yours are all adorable as is and glad you won’t change anytubg, The way they look is a link to their personality.


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