Around the Croft

Still black and white piccies – sorry and there is no excuse really but today it snowed, if briefly, and so me and my camera (or is that my camera and I?) were ready.

Les Girlzenberries who are, at times, I admit, totally annoying because all they want is food.  Gah!  I am followed, possibly forever.

‘Ster looking majestic.

Still gorgeous, even with Madge trying to get my attention to feed her for the umpteen billionth time.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, gets in the way of ‘Ster looking handsome.

Or noble. Today he did a very good noble.

Muscovy ducks and black and white photos – well, they are made for each other.

And then there is an enigmatic, if slightly hysterical (still),  Lambie.

He is still suffering from his horn dilemma (see what I did there, geddit?) and it probably hurts but it was his own fault so sympathy is at the bare minimum for him.

And ‘Bert has been practising his Winning Smile for the camera.

And this bad photo shows that I really have not mastered this camera at all!  Still Her Maj is perfect in my eyes, though.

10 thoughts on “Around the Croft

  1. May

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful bit of normal. It helps. A lot.

    In the States, we’ve been busy sewing fabric face masks at home, ’cause our humble offerings are better than nothing. We made up masks in kid’s fabrics for the Child Services people, who are so low on the priority list they’ve been given no protective masks or gloves at all. It’s surreal.

    However, the makers in our area have organized quickly. New methods are being invented daily to create equipment or stretch the ones available for just one more use, one more patient. People are ingenious and many are bravely generous. This will get better, eventually.

    Please keep safe and keep posting from lovely Shetland.

  2. Linda Kirk

    I love your black and white photos. Great one of Bert – I can see all of different textures and details on him.

    If Lambie could talk, he’d tell you he needs some TLC and a ginger biscuit.

    I can’t believe you’ve got snow!

  3. Kerry

    Of course Her Maj looks perfect – she is.

    And tell Lambie if he’s on the horns of a dilemma, I’ll give him a Morton’s Fork.
    Its so wonderful to still have contact via your blog. Keep on posting – you’re giving so much joy to so many people

  4. Margaret Robinson

    All the other animals aside, that is the most beautiful picture of BeAnne, ever!

    Okay – the others are cute, handsome, wonderful in their own ways, yes even the begging twosome (something that will not go away – it’s the same with humans who have been starved). They are fine, but never get over the need to know there is food available. They must have known and been coming to see you all along. You’re such a good Mum!

    Love these black/white photos. They put things in a different perspective. Odd what happens when there’s color and then no color. Keep on taking them, please!

  5. Judith Garbutt

    I love these black and white photographs, Frances! The first one looks like an etching – it’s stunning. And the sheepies are special in black and white (as is BeAnne, who is beautiful however she’s photographed!)


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