Anyone Miss Dreki?

Does anyone miss Dreki since his removal from Leradale?  Anyone looking for the rambunctious little dragon?

Anyone?  This is Brá, his brilliant mother who gave him her all to the point of losing weight over the winter while he got fatter and fatter.

Hetja, who is boss-mare in the herd, do you miss Dreki who was really beginning to piss you off with his colty bad manners and mischievous behaviour?

Lilja (Lily), do you miss your half-brother who never stopped playing endless rough games and didn’t care at all about your happiness or general welfare? Just bounce, bounce, bounce!

So that would be a no, then.

Lilja has her sights on better prizes.

However, I did hear Brá whicker once but I think, upon reflection, it was at Flossie who was walking up the hill with a bag of carrots.

So that would be a no.  No one misses Dreki.  Anyway, he is busy.  He is otherwise occupied.

2 thoughts on “Anyone Miss Dreki?

  1. Louise Stopford

    Arrh – I almost feel sorry for Dreki not being missed by anybody. He can’t help it, he’s just a youngster with a lot of learning to do. Looks like he has got a new best friend though and if his mother and half sister get some peace then it’s not all bad. He may be a cheeky bouncy chappie but he sure is handsome.


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