Annoying Little Ponies

A foggy day today, while the rest of Britain appears to be basking in an Indian Summer.

Ho hum, I don’t like the heat much anyway but to see the sun would be nice.

Today everyone, except for Waffle and Tiddles, were mooching around waiting for me.

And then I watched the boys being silly, which made me smile.  I can’t decide who is the worst – Storm for being an idiot (with a very nice trot), Albie for always annoying someone (today it was Fivla’s turn), Silver for not helping anyone or Newt who reverses into his so-called friends so he can give them both barrels.

Funny, silly billies. I do ❤️ them.


4 thoughts on “Annoying Little Ponies

  1. diane in northern wis

    Fun to watch them all bounding around and causing havoc to each other. They seem to have a lot of energy. always so fun to watch….and so pretty.


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