Ramnaberg Andrew is one of the first Shetland ponies we ever bought to train up.


He is what is known as an “up to height” Shetland, ie he is bang on 42″, which is the topmost height.  Jo bought him from the sales as a weanling because he had a leg in each corner and a certain something.


Andy likes doing tricks.  Here is one of his many certain somethings…..

andy-circus-pony-4 andy-circus-pony-2

He could’ve made a great circus pony except when one of our students tried to teach him to bow, he nearly broke her nose on the 2nd attempt having worked out where the polos were!

andy jumps

Andy is much loved in our family.

daisy flossie fiv andy

He has taught many children to ride in his own unique way and is a great believer in riders taking responsibility for their actions.  To bring home his point he often includes swift bull-fighting turns, sitting down if pulled about and even dumping the occasional kicking child in a bucket (they had it coming!)


Perhaps not a pony of extreme beauty and elegance, he is one of our best driving ponies – 100% safe and reliable, always looking after the driver, no matter how novice.

116-1622_IMG 160-6085_IMG

So this is Anderwoo.  He has always been a huge character and these are very old photos from my first digital camera (circa 2003).  We must get him going again.  He is currently with his brother, Charlie, and living with Indy and Hammy for the winter.




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