An Easy Day

I gave myself an easy day today.  My back is annoyingly refusing to play ball so I just pottered about doing stuff.


It is lambing this time of year so I don’t let the dogs onto the scattald.

Instead, I decided we would walk the boundary of Thordale – all 40 acres.


We had a few stop-offs for refreshment.


I don’t mind, as I can admire the view, appreciate the new primroses and generally try to decide whether the grass is growing or if it is my imagination.


In the old tattie rig, I found daffodils that had survived the most recent gales.  I was just about to take a better photo…..


…. when there was an invasion.  They know. I am sure they know.



We crossed into the horses’ park where everyone had arrived to come and say hello.


Brá is looking and feeling very pregnant.  Her foal may be due on between May 2, 2016 and May 17, 2016.

Not panicking, not panicking, not panicking – ok, panicking.

She trusts me enough now to let me feel for an udder – there is none so far.


After the walk, I found a sunny windless spot and sat down with ‘Ster and Lambie.  Lambie was unusually unsettled – fretting, wandering around and obviously looking for someone.

After ten minutes of this, I got up and went to find BeAnne who had managed to shut herself in the house.   She immediately followed me outside and Lambie instantly settled.


Most odd.


3 thoughts on “An Easy Day

  1. Linda K

    Is that an annoyed Ster expression? “Are ye lettin us in, or whit”? I know he’s a lurcher but that’s a very athletic leap by Loki. I bet he’s in his element with all that space to gallop around in. Nice picture of Iacs.

  2. Sam

    Hey – Lambie is a LambDOG so he would fret when BeAnne gets locked in the house. Love how the three rotund bums went right for the daffodils. Hoping Bra has a fast and easy delivery and you don’t panic.


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