All Well Here

Nothing much to report except I have a lovely 5 minutes of film of Miss Foxy and I can’t upload it (but I will keep battling).

(edited to say “done it!”)


Meanwhile, I spent the morning continuing my phone battle, mended every cassette recorder/cd player (don’t ask!) and am still waiting to hear from the garage.  I can’t decide if silence about my wretched car is good or bad.

Tomorrow I fully intend to take photos of the family photo albums for the transcripts of diaries of my Great Great Aunt Kate.  Mum has them and I have been busy weeding through them as well as boxes of photos, reading the backs and finding where they fit in each year.  It is lovely to see the photos now I know more of the story and it will be good to add them to the story – makes it even more real.

So that’s me. Sorry for not much news. Still you can enjoy Mum’s garden as much as I am.

4 thoughts on “All Well Here

  1. Sam

    Lovely garden – thanks to Mom for sharing. Leaves are turning pretty colors in New England now.
    Good luck with the car. I know that anxiety of not hearing back from a garage.

  2. Joe Boyd

    I follow (our?) Aunt Kate’s diaries faithfully. Adding family photos will surely enhance the experience. I don’t know how you find time to do all you do, but please know our lives are enriched by knowing you. Best of luck on the car. When I traveled in Scotland many years ago, I found Talbot models that were identical to the Plymouth and Dodge cars I owned at the time. Are any Talbots still in production?


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