All Together Again

Storm is now fully recovered from being lame.

We ran him round the school yesterday and he pranced and skipped about like a miniature Arab stallion, tail in the air.  So whatever was wrong is now better.

Now we are cured, I can move him, Tiddles and Fivla to Liradale.  I did not want him to go there limping.

They were all very happy to see each other.

It was wonderful watching them all rush around.

There is a special bond between these four little Minions. It is very important to each of them.

They miss each other when they are separated.

Even Fivla was happily charging about.

She did a happy buck!

The deal with Fivla is that if she can stay at this weight, although not ideal, for the next few months, then she can remain at Liradale.  If, however, she gets quickly fatter, then she will have to come home.

We hope that being with the Minions and the others will keep her weight under control.  There is so much space and the existing hill grass has already been grazed by sheep so hopefully the running around and being perpetually Minioned may keep her weight down.  She likes the herd environment too.  It does her good.

Meanwhile, Brá and Hetja have the good pasture and are watching the little ones. 

As long as they don’t have to be with them, Hetja can live with this.

Daisy and BeAnne went for a walk, while I stayed back and did some work with Brá.  I caught her and Hetja and brushed their manes and tails.  I will do this weekly, I think, just so that they remember.

So my little Minions are all back together.

They never forget each other.


Tiddles did his happy dance and then it started to snow.

5 thoughts on “All Together Again

  1. Judith Garbutt

    Happy New Year, Frances. I hope it proves to be a good year for you and all your family, human and animal.

  2. Linda

    I can only imagine how strong that bond is between the Minions, especially what they went through together, at the beginning! And so great to see Tiddles become one of the little herd!

    Happy New Year to you and yours, Frances!

  3. Darby

    Good news about Storm. It is good seeing the little guys together again. Happy New year Frances, may all be well with you and your family.

  4. Sam

    Happy New Year. Glad to see the Minions back as the Pack they are. And to see Tiddles dancing with joy is a wonderful way to start the year.


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