Lending a Hand

If someone asks for help, I will always do my best.

That is how it works up here.

Some Shetland ponies needed to be moved to new grazing.

While everyone else did the walking, leading and working, I was on the camera end.

Shetland ponies know when you are photographing them!


“Strike a pose!”

We worked hard, mending electric fences, leading ponies to new fields and generally probably getting in the way (my speciality).

In Britain, we call these “Witches’ Knots”.  In Norway, they are called “Trollknut”, or I suppose Troll Knots. I find them fascinating to photograph, making the Shetland pony seem even more ancient and at home in their natural environment.

Luckily, they are easy to remove with the right amount of hair conditioner spray.

After a long day I was glad to come home to bring in the new year.

I am extremely grateful to everyone who has enjoyed and supported this blog through the good days and the bad ones. I hope 2017 brings many more adventures for me to blog about and let you follow.

May everyone have a safe and happy new year with best wishes for 2017!

(No fireworks…BeAnne hates them)

19 thoughts on “Lending a Hand

  1. Mairead

    Happy New Year to you and your motley crew Frances. Thank you so much for sharing so many wonderful aspects of your life with us. May 2017 bring you health and happiness.

  2. Andrea

    Happy New Year to you and the family (both fuzzy and not)! I hope 2017 brings peace and happiness to us all.

    Hugs and love! 🙂

  3. Terri

    Thank you for another year of sharing your beautiful, if sometimes challenging, life in Shetland. Love to you and your family, nose kisseys and carrots to all ponies and Icelandic horses, hugs to the Boysenberries, tummy/ear scratches to the dogs, a warm winter roost for the chickens, and, last but not least, to Wu, whatever he likes best. (I hope I didnt leave anyone out.) Your ever-watchful eye on every living thing in your circle — making sure everyone is healthy, safe, and getting along — is an inspiration. Wishing you health and happiness for the New Year!
    PS Sending healing vibes to adorable lil Newt!

  4. Diane Head

    Thank you Frances and family for your wonderful photographs and delightful commentary, which I just love. I look forward every day to reading the latest episode from Thordale. You bring back memories of my visit to Shetland in 2015. I just loved it.

    Diane Head, NZ

  5. Robyn

    Happy New Year to you Frances and to all your loved ones at Thordale. May you have good health and much joy in 2017. The year will unfold in interesting and enchanting ways through your blog.
    Love from Robyn xx

  6. Carol E

    I’ve been oohing and ahhing over your blog again, and my family has promised/sworn to send me to the Shetland Islands this year! Apparently they think if I get some of that cold wind blowing into my temperature-sensitive ears, I’ll stop sounding so enraptured. Ha – I’m smart enough to arrange for the rental of a storm /survival suit for the duration of my visit!

    I really do hope 2017 will be the year of my (first) visit to the islands you photograph so beautifully, and all your lovely creatures.

    Happy New Years!


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