All Change

Your thoughts, words and deeds have all been amazing. It has helped to get the last few days into perspective. So, thank you.  A very humble thank you from me.


I woke up this morning with a huge sense of relief with the belief that we had done exactly the right thing. Celt was happy now.


Instantly, however, the pack dynamic has changed hugely.  BeAnne is welded to me or going around without guidance and committing heinous crimes because her mentor (for her entire life) is not here.


Jack is very strange.  He can’t cope at all.  I am not sure what to do about him.  He is a very lost soul.  He, too, is thought to be old but he wasn’t visibly particularly fond of Celt.  Apparently he stood guard over Celt’s body while we did the deed.  Just standing, watching.  I am giving him daily Rescue Remedy and we are making a special fuss of him to try and bring him back into our world.


Anyway today, we moved everyone equine into the big hill park.


I fed Taktur and put him in to rejoin the others.  Instantly Indy wanted a dust-up.


Taktur remained far away from everyone after that.


I have made the decision that Indy can go and join his ladies on Sunday leaving Taktur with the rest of the boys to enjoy a peaceful summer.

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Oh yes, and it’s Haakon and Iacs’ birthday today.


Haakon is 19 and Iacs is 18 years old.  They are 1st cousins, I think.  I bought Haakon first for myself.


And then a few years later, we bought Iacs. They recognised each other instantly, which was very sweet.


Happy Birthday boys. xx

3 thoughts on “All Change

  1. Liz Reid

    Happy Birthday BOYS!

    Norty Indy, being bossy in the new paddock.
    Has Taktur been in that paddock before? Maybe Indy is having a brain fart and saying to him you weren’t here last year, you ain’t gonna be here this year?

    Hope old Jack settles with out Celt and the pack settles again for you.

  2. Frances Post author

    Yes, they’ve been in there all together before. It is just “that time of year” basically when Indy is a prick!


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