Albie’s Life Lesson

You can get through life with bad manners, but it’s easier with good manners.
Lillian Gish

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Fivla will put up with many things but if there is one thing she abhors, it is bad manners and I completely agree with her.
I found the herd today in a bouncy mood once I had reunited them with Waffle (again) who was resident in another field.  Having returned him to the fold, they all proceeded to run around madly.  I had left them to their shenanigans to return to the car and get my camera. So of course they all stopped and headed for the docken patch to eat.
Albie saw that Newt and Tiddles were having a lovely scratch and he decided that he wanted one too.
So he approached Fivla and tried to initiate a mutual scratching session in totally the wrong way.  He bit her.
Fivla was furious and she wasted no time in telling Albie he was rude and never do that again.
He had been well and truly bollocked.
Then, having learned his lesson, Albie asked nicely.  His body language was very apologetic.
And once Fivla was happy with this and that he had learned a lesson, she said they could groom each other.
They groomed both sides of each other and there were no more tellings off.
And this is why Fivla is one of the best mothers and teachers there are.  She hates rudeness. She will not tolerate it.  Next time Albie will ask nicely.  As he was an orphan he never learned this valuable lesson of asking politely  He had no one to teach him.
Well now he knows. A valuable life lesson learned.

2 thoughts on “Albie’s Life Lesson

  1. Linda Kirk

    I’m glad Fivla gave him another chance. She could have been mean and sent him off with a flea in his ear.


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