A Winning Smile

I needed to go to Lerwick (hay, sheep food, stuff for pizza tonight and my visitor’s Shetland chocolate requirements – Puffin Poo) and so we went.

It was funny weather.  I left home giving Daisy strict instructions about what if there was thunder/lightening – it was very close this morning (nothing happened apart from a few drops of rain – but, still, I worry).

Messages (shopping) done, and Karen and I sat on the harbour front eating white pudding and chips (Karen is now a convert) while watching the harbour traffic.

A boat came in from, I think, a tour, with an accompanying grey seal.

I have never seen this before and it was lovely to see.

This seal was wonderful.

He was playing the game.

Working the audience.

He had A Winning Smile.

It was a superb sight, as we ate our delicious traditional Shetland lunch.

It was very evident that this grey seal was an old pro.

And this made me instantly think of another…..

Someone else who knows how to work the crowd with his Winning Smile

Darling not-so-little Lambie who spends the best part of his morning smiling sweetly so I will feed him Rich Tea biscuits!

17 thoughts on “A Winning Smile

  1. Sam

    Lambie does win the “best Smile on Shetland” award! The seal comes in a distant 3rd as Haakon is my 2nd best. So what is white pudding?

  2. Vicki

    Hope the preggie ladies are ok. We had a sudden storm in southern California a couple of weeks ago. My terrier mix went nuts with the thunder. She started jumping by the front door to be let out. No way! She’d bolt and get lost, hit by a car, or end up as a coyote meal. Why do they want to run? I put a Thundershirt on her and held her close. It wasn’t a long storm.

  3. Nancy

    What is white pudding and chips?!?! You need to post a picture for those of us who are across the vast ocean from you! I want to be a convert! hee hee!

    Was the seal waiting for someone to conveniently drop some yummy snacks? ha ha!

    Oh lovely Lambie! I would be giving him biscuits all day long!

  4. diane in northern wisconsin, US

    Love your blog Frances. Today you sat there eating white pudding and chips. As Sam asked above, I have to also ask you, what is White Pudding? And should I be wishing I had some???
    Love your pictures of the boat with the seal….did they feed him anything? And that Lambie is such a sweetie! Love your pics from Lerwick. Thanks so much for all.

  5. Georgina

    Just wondered how Lambie is getting on with the turmeric pellets? We have just put our pony on them, she loves them but it is too early to say if they have improved her coughing.

    1. Frances Post author

      Tbh, not started them yet as trying to get him off hard feed for summer.

      He did have turmeric capsules for a while but it was a daily battle and he was starting to avoid me and look at me with suspicious eyes so I have let that drop too.

  6. Laura Johnson

    I read your blog every day and love all the photos of Shetland. Such a beautiful place. I have been away one year but plan to return in the fall to refresh my soul and spirit with Shetland. We stay very close to you near Walls and hope you allow visitors to drop in to see you. Meanwhile, your lovely photos and wonderful reapartee keep me going. Thank you for doing this every day!

    1. Frances Post author

      please do drop by. Let me know first – 01595 809 432! Look forward to meeting you x

  7. Jeanne

    Thank you for sharing pics from your croft and life! We just booked a trip to Shetland for Shetland Wool Week and so look forward to seeing your lovely island.

    1. Frances Post author

      Give us a ring if you want to visit – 01595 809 432 – we would love to see you xx

  8. Anne

    I wonder if the seal is Charlie – I heard of him when visiting Shetland last summer. A seal with a reputation it seemed.

    We saw fishermen feeding seals right from their boat at the habour and Charlie was there. Amusing to watch 🙂

    Always a joy to read your blog and dream of Shetland.


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