Getting Ready

It all started yesterday with the cleaning of the tack.

While my guest and I were out and about (eating white pudding and shopping), Daisy was hard at work.  Obviously, she had help, or woolly support.

We are off to a show tomorrow – Shetland Spring Show schedule **BLAIR QUALIFIERS.

(I have to say I am not quite sure what “Blair Qualifiers” is but it is all good experience for Daisy riding Kappi and Bjørn on Taktur, who needs to get over himself about girlies and girly smells).

I spent the morning creating a Stallion Badge – (please feel free to message me if you quickly need one).

And, today, we were all washing.

First up was Taktur.

He was not happy, but he had a full bath.  Handsome Princes don’t just appear, you know.  Beauty needs work.  Hard work.

And then it was Kappi’s turn.  He had a bath too.  All objections were ignored.

Being my daughter, Daisy made a list.  A lovely list.  A proper list.  In this family, we love lists.

Daisy to filled the horse-van with all that she (and Bjørn) will need. I added string and a radio.

After washing the horses, I realised I was soaked because I was stupid enough to wear the wrong clothes.  They are now in front of the stove, drying, ready for tomorrow.

So, an early start and all your winning vibes please.  The forecast says rain. I hate horse shows in the rain. I will not be wearing my happy face if I get wet.

11 thoughts on “Getting Ready

  1. Sam

    Those are Guard LambDogs – to prevent silly equines from disturbing the washing up.
    What is a stallion badge for?

    1. Frances Post author

      When you go in the ring, your stallion has to wear a badge on his headcollar or bridle to say he is a STALLION in case anyone has any doubts. It is the Rules nowadays.

  2. Judith Garbutt

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you have a lovely sunny day with no more than a gentle breeze! I’m fascinated by the stirrups you use. They look interesting. Do they have a different purpose or is it just that they’re more comfortable? What sort of classes will your horses be contesting? Are there specific Icelandic horse classes for them?

    1. Frances Post author

      Bjorn will be doing a showing class with Taktur.

      Then they both do a ridden class.

      The stirrups are typical double bend Icelandic horse stirrups. They are wonderful. The stirrup is always where your foot would be. You don’t have to fish for them when riding.

  3. Margaret Robinson

    And hear I though I had great stirrups – they’re made to be able to be swirled into a position that is comfortable for you feet and then locked into place. Made to go with my Aussie saddle and love them, but the Icelandic ones sound quite comfortable too!

    Best of luck (to everyone). Stay calm, no flowing and a smile because they’ll all do well. MMR

  4. Margaret Robinson

    Well, if I’d just re-read things before sending —– last paragraph “no frowning” not “no flowing”. Apologies. MMR

  5. diane in northern wisconsin, US

    Good luck to you on your horse show tomorrow, rain or shine. (It’s going to be raining here!)
    I didn’t know that Daisy was your daughter! How nice! I thought the Stallion Sign was to inform the equine ladies to stay away!!! You have taught them English, right? Maybe not. Anyway, wishing you both a wonderful day tomorrow. Great blog! Love the lambies too!

  6. Laura Johnson

    They must look beautiful all cleaned up. Especially Taktur. Best of luck and here’s hoping the wind changes.


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