A Walk on the Beach

It is the day before another storm so i took the dogs down to the beach for their walk.

BeAnne immediately took herself for a paddle.


The beach was all ours, which makes everything perfect.  I hate sharing.


Lots of whiskery spectators around, always watching, always swimming alongside as I walked.  Sort of like a swimming version of BeAnne but with better whiskers and probably smell more fragrant too!


Although the waves weren’t very high, the sea was roaring.  Someone had turned the volume up and the noise was all-consuming and magnificent.  I think it was either the last gasp of the storm we had a few nights’ back or the introduction to the one that is on its way tomorrow.


Loki and BeAnne have become better friends and now almost play together.  Almost, but not quite.

BN2A7465    BN2A7580    BN2A7553 BN2A7556

We are very pleased with Loki.  He has come along leaps and bounds (see what I did there, geddit?)  WW3 appears to be over and Wu (the cat) can walk past Loki in the sitting room and even sit on the back of the sofa in the evening, without being chased.  They have touched noses so I am cautiously optimistic that we have had a breakthrough.


This time, unlike most trips to the beach, no stones were brought home.  I resisted the urge even though this pretty one caught my eye.


So we are battening down the hatches again for Storm Abigail.  I hope she is kind and that we come out the other side safely and with everything intact.


If our electricity holds out, i am going to spend the grotty days putting the contents of my life on Ebay!  I was also thinking about making a Zazzle Lambie range too.


3 thoughts on “A Walk on the Beach

  1. Sumiko Keay

    I love the picture of Beanne and Loki standing next to each other – they look like the Big and Little versions of each other (kind of.)


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