A Statement

To those of you who are spreading utter shite about me and my ponies.

Here are the Minions.  These are the three Shetland ponies I was asked to rescue on behalf of a third party who had been asked by the SSPCA.

I never intended to keep them, but wanted to get them well enough to be returned to their original breeders.

I duly phoned round the breeders and was asked by Storm’s if I could keep him.  I was happy to.


I then asked Waffle’s breeder, who is a close personal friend, if I could buy Waffle off him to keep Storm company.  Waffle was given to me.


For Silver, it was intended that he was returned to his breeder but at the end of the day, it was very obvious that the three ponies were very close.  I asked Silver’s breeder much later on if I could keep him and was told, if he was happy at Thordale, then that was fine.


So, have you got that clear in your tiny mind(s)?

At no point have any of The Minions been sold.  No, they are not down south and no, guess what, I have not made thousands of pounds by having them.  My Paypal account was not “on display” for all to see so that I could scrounge money out of folk.

If you want to go spreading shitery about me, then at least get your facts straight and stop accosting complete strangers in Shetland to tell them just how much you hate me for rescuing three starving Shetland ponies (the fourth one went back to his breeder).


This is the letter written by the vet on Day 2 after their arrival.


As you can see, the vet confirms their condition and that they would not survive in a hill park.


So, if you want to continue with this defamation and slander, I will bring in the big guns and see you in Court.


**** End of Rant *****

25 thoughts on “A Statement

  1. Lynne

    How do people come up with all this crap? They really need to find a new hobby and, oh… maybe go see you personally to get the information correctly & listen instead of spewing false information at the top of their lungs & take their fingers out of their ears! (Can you tell this has happened to me as well?)

    The ponies look absolutely wonderful, you did a great job at bringing them back to health. I am glad to hear that they are home to stay with you.


  2. sue crossling

    Good for you,for anybody to spread or believe this sort of crap is ridiculous.it smacks of small minded jealous gossips .anybody who either knows you or knows of you wouldn’t entertain this nonsense.
    I applaud you for all the hard work you have put into restoring the health of the minions

  3. Chris McGinlay

    People should stop causing trouble for others, just get a life and mind their own business instead of poking their noses into things which are of no concern of theirs. What business is it of theirs what your business arrangements were anyway? . Keep your chin up Frances and don’t let the bas@@@@@ get you down.

  4. Michelle in Michigan

    I’m sorry that you have to put up with this kind of crap. A common statement in the US right now is “haters gonna hate”, quite appropriate for your situation. Thank you for taking in the Minions and providing a loving home for them. They would not have survived without you and have turned into little cuties. I’ve enjoyed your pictures and narratives every day!!!

  5. Roosa

    Stupid stupid people. We all know how much you absolute LOVE and ADORE and CARE for these ponies (and all of your other horses, dogs, cats etc)

  6. Elisabeth

    I reckon you have done brilliantly with the Minions. They look really well. Also so cute and cuddly. Great little ‘people’
    I live not far from Stansted airport, now retired, used to keep a couple of standard Shetties as driving ponies. Great fun. Visited the Shetland Islands once only in the Shetland Pony Stud Book Society Centenary year.
    I look forward to your daily emails with glorious photography, it really brightens my days. You should make a book of all your emails and pictures. It would sell like hot cakes !
    Keep on with your good work & ignore those stupid ignorant comments.

  7. Linda

    What a load of crap. You save the lives of 4 babies in a soaking field, and you get this? I can only assume the people who came up with this can’t read…

    I hope you know how many of us love your blog, and support you completely, Frances.!

  8. Arte white

    This hate mongering is upsetting, but put it in perspective.
    The author of such tripe is a sorry person, jealous, or amazingly ignorant.
    Remember the vast majority of us who enjoy the window you open on the Shetland Islands. Go after the instigator if necessary, but keep the majority of your attention on your life, friends, family, your bebbies and all of the wonderful creatures inhabiting your life.

  9. Peter

    Well now I am wondering if this might just have something to do with you being a “sooth mouther”. One who does not originate in Shetland but arrived possibly on a ferry via the “sooth mouth” (south entrance) of the harbour. Certainly seems to me that three little ponies have had a lot of love and care from you and if I ever go past Thordale I will be watching out for them.

  10. Linda K

    It’s come to something when you can’t do a good deed without being slagged off. It’s plain to see the Minions are thriving under your care.

    These people are clearly ignorant of the facts. Don’t let them upset you.

  11. Diana

    So sorry for the nonsense you and Jo have had to endure. By the malicious untruths posted in a horse welfare fb site I follow, nothing surprises me. Sad but true.
    Please keep blogging. .Love each and every mimion.

  12. Carina

    I do not have anything substantial to add other than that I agree with all the other comments. And that I love to read about the Minions and your other animals. Anyone with half a brain-cell can see that you love your animals a lot. And that you take very good care of them.

  13. roberta earley

    All of the above and if you have to bring out the big guns……………..then put out your paypal up and I for one would be donating….to get the wee shitie bas#$@d………………

  14. Mandy

    Words fail me. Well, they don’t, but I don’t think I can spell what I think of these “people”. I hope their next poo is a hedgehog!
    Keep up the good work Frances. There are more people who love what you do than criticise it, and we can’t all be wrong! 🙂

  15. granny T

    Oh my goodness, Frances!
    What utter numpties! There are bullies in every sector of humanity, whose main aim is to mess with your head and make you ill.
    Guns?…..I’d go for cannons as well! Your infantry are also lining up daily as I can see from the comments.
    Your blog is the perfect record of how much time and dedication you invest in your animals, despite your own health problems.
    I was so upset to see the wee minions when they first arrived, but boy, look at them now!!!
    Anyone with half a brain can see that you deserve a medal of the highest order for your commitment to all your animals. I don’t know you, ( I do know Fiona) but I have the highest regard for your daily efforts. I have never contributed to a blog before, but just had to respond.
    Please keep the photos coming. My grandchildren are following with great interest.
    Love and hugs xxx

  16. Sam

    Clearly these stupid people did not READ your blog. Otherwise this nonsense would not exist. I too will donate for the cannons. Clearly you LOVE horses and ponies. Why else would you take on the cost of this rescue? I adore this blog and learning about equines from Connecticut, USA. Thank you.

  17. Freyalyn

    Well said. Try not to let such stupid people bother you (though it’s always upsetting when ignorant malice and spite is directed towards yourself). It’s perfectly clear the minions are in excellent health now, and you’ve done all you can for them and to make sure there is a clear legal path of ownership and care. Well done for it all.

  18. Terri

    “No good deed goes unpunished.” People who would say such negative things are IDJUTS! I’m sorry this happened to you. Chin up — you have an army of loyal fans who know the truth. Sending good thoughts your way from the Pacific Northwest….

  19. sue cooper

    Looks like you have done a fab job with them and look forward to meeting them next year.
    Really sorry you’ve been getting idiots writing stupid stuff about it all.
    love and support from the High Peak


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