Update on Delia

I went over to Sandness this morning where the old girls are.  Vitamin (or Minnie as she likes to be known) is keeping Raw Deal (or Delia as she likes to be known) company.

They are both old ladies and are enjoying a pampered winter lifestyle for probably the first time.

Delia used to be known in her youth as The Rhinossopig due to her portly appearance.  I think, but it could just be her bouffant winter coat, that she has put on weight and is beginning to fill out again.


Delia was pleased to see me and ambled slowly up and we exchanged pleasantries while passing the time of day.


Delia is a dignified 22 year old lady who has seen it all.  She has had six foals (some serious show winners too), and was the Royal Highland Show Champion in 1996.


Minnie was on fine form and enjoying her new life of luxury (stables when it is cold, unlimited silage, hard feed, though Delia gets the rug.)


She was looking very well on it.


Such a beautiful pony.  There is something about her that only comes out in photographs.


While I was busy taking pics of the grande dames, Jo was jet-washing the “Bazzer Whazzer” as it is fondly known.

This is my original 1906 spindle back gig beautifully restored by Barry Wheelwright.  Apparently it was found at Packwood House.

BN2A2361 BN2A2362 BN2A2359

Seeing it again has inspired me.  We need to get out again and use it.

These two fatties are going on the diet of all diets and once we can fit one of them between the shafts, we will enter some driving classes south.

15-May-008696 15May-008872copy


We woz posh once, yer know!

4 thoughts on “Update on Delia

  1. Heather

    What grand old girls.

    And I need to look up your story of driving Andy and Charlie. I remember it made me laugh until I cried.


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