A Little Irritation

Taktur is possibly the most handsome and nicest stallion to currently live at Thordale.  He is a gentleman.

Taktur is wearing a thin rainsheet because yr.no (a usually accurate Norwegian weather forecast site) promised it would rain today – so of course it didn’t.  I mean do they even know where Shetland is? I am beginning to have my doubts. </rant>

So, just before the imaginery rain began, I went out with my camera to take some Handsome Prince photos.

At night, Kappi and Taktur live inside and, after breakfast, they go out into their field.

Sometimes, while Kappi is busy stuffing his face with as much silage as he can physically fit in, Taktur goes off to talk to the neighbours.

And quite often there is a neighbour lying in wait.

Today it was Son-but-not-heir, Hjalti.

These two have never actually met without a fence between them but they know each other well.

The meeting will happen soon, however, as we intend to put all the boys together for the summer.

And I mean all – Minions, mini-minions and the Icelandics in one big field.

Our theory being that, as Taktur is not running with any mares this summer, he will be annoyed to distraction with every Minion or Icelandic colt and 2 year old gelding hanging off him!

And then he won’t miss the ladies.

Well, that is the theory.

It may or may not work.

Albie hopefully won’t miss Tor if he is busy playing, escaping or being sat on!  He and Newt have been in with the big boys before so they know the score.

If it all goes horribly wrong, we will rethink our summer strategy and split them all up.

I think, if it is a success, there will be some lovely games.

6 thoughts on “A Little Irritation

  1. Jean Ward

    We are finding that yr.no is not as accurate for Orkney as it used to be. Have you tried XCweather.co.uk?

    1. Frances Post author

      Ooh, thank you, Jean. I will look that one up. Bored of Yr.No as they are becoming more and more random.

  2. Linda

    Taktur is truly Princely!

    Sounds like you’ll have quite a Summer Camp with everyone out in that field; your reasoning sounds good to me: LET THEM PLAY!

  3. Robin

    My money is on extreme mischief! And the smaller the being, the greater the mischief! . He seems just lying in wait for summer!

  4. Terri

    Great to see the “Handsome Prince”! **sigh** (everything about him seems perfect) Hope your theory works. Nice to see him getting to know Hjalti.

  5. Celeste

    Ah, Taktur is by far my favorite. Did you hear today that polar bears have been sighted on the most northerly Shetland Ilands, due to global warming? Hah, it was an April Fools joke! It got me, I am pretty gullible.


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