A Huge Achievement

Today, I took a deep breath, caught Klængur, tacked him up, got on and we went out for a solo trek in the hill.


We have obviously been here before but not on our own and Klængur was such a good boy on the way out, happily tölting along with his ears listening to me rattle on about nothing much.


He loved going up the canter track and we had a blast together.


All was good.  Klængur was hoof perfect and stopped on request for me to take photos at the top of the hill (Haakon tends to dance irritatingly about on one foot).

IMG_1565  IMG_1572

And then we wended our way home down the track, whereupon he threw the most mahoosive spook.  I have no idea what he saw but we turned 180 degrees on one back foot and suddenly we were pacing up the hill at  100 mph with Klængur in a pure panic (how I stayed on, I have no idea but the Gods were smiling and I must have used up my allowance of good Karma). I quickly got him back using “whooooooooa” and he stood at the top of the hill again in a bit of a state.  So I told him we were brave and could conquer lions together and we re-wended our way downwards.  Another leg-lock spook about nothing, but this time staying the same direction, a hissy fit at an unsuspecting fence post and we got home in one piece.

Look, this is my Face of Pure Relief (with an added chin for affect).


I popped Klængur back in his field where Hammy was waiting for him.


Oh well, we made it home alive and in one piece so that is my Huge Achievement.


I am feeling a little bit owie now and shocked so I took a Naproxen (anti-inflammatory painkiller).  I had my blow-up gilet on clipped to the saddle and if I can sit that spook, I can sit most things.

Tonight I am on the boat to Aberdeen for a jolly with Daisy, back Saturday morning. 



5 thoughts on “A Huge Achievement

  1. Linda

    First off, I’m glad you got through it safely. And second, I’m thinking about the stories Klaengur is telling Hammy about his adventure!


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