Bits and Pieces

This morning I came upon a heap of ponies.  “Heap” being the “offishul” collective term for a herd of different ages, breeds and sizes.  Now you know.  Please educate the ignorant.


I was particularly taken by little Waffle’s happy snoring smile.  He was dead to the world and I am sure everyone else was not going to wake him.  It can be like waking the Kraken on occasions. I love his fat little tumbly (awwww).

I was in the field catching Klængur and Haakon to ride later.


Anywho, Fiona drove up with Hreyfing, her mare that she is re-training.  I offered advice and tried to help, based on what I have learned working with Klængur.  I think Fiona and Hreyfing achieved great things.


I am not a teacher but I do realise the benefits of calming down a horse and relaxation.


Meanwhile, an update on everyone else.

BeAnne caught a rabbit – well, a rabbit committed harakiri.   This is her filthy look if anyone attempts to steal it. Loki knows better.


BeAnne – post-rabbit.  Now for some very nasty après-odours.


Loki has come on leaps and bounds and is our model citizen.  


He loves playing and is happy to offer anyone a selection of his toys in the hope they will play tug-o-war with him.


Jack is, well, Jack.  Still rattling on deaf and blind but content in his own little world.  His tummy clock is directly synced with Greenwich and supper/breakfast time is not a minute late.  Ever.


And Wussums remains Wussumly.  He loathes everyone canine and has a nocturnal lifestyle, i.e. when Loki is asleep.  This is the compromise reached.


4 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces

  1. Karen

    Love your dogs and horses and since seeing them in the summer it has spurred me on to get a dog again. Breagha our spaniel cross 8 week old puppy has just joined our family. So happy to have a canine pal again. Loki has such beautiful eyes!

  2. roberta

    I have a shetland like Waffle….Fergus known to sleep at any angle, any time of day………………….his paddock companion Frazer is not far behind. you could drive a truck next to him and he would not move a muscle.


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