A Hard Day’s Washing

I have spent the day washing.  I have three carts I want to sell so I got them out of storage and washed them all down.

Up first was Floss’ little red cart that she used to drive Fivla in.

This is Fivla and Floss in their youth.  Cute or what?

While I was washing, there was help.  Natural fibres could make a lovely buffer cloth.

Then, having also washed myself, I brought out the next cart – a wheelchair access 2-wheeled vehicle.

Note BeAnne on the right – the Face of Resentment – I had just told her off for getting in the way.

Now totally soaked, I moved onto my last cart which is my pride and joy and going to be for sale.  An original 1906 spindle back gig restored by Barry Wheelwright.  It was found in a big house in Warwickshire.

Possibly the most beautiful little cart ever.

I am sad to sell it but needs must.

The driving days are over.  It will probably go to auction.

And so, with three carts washed and cleaned, we took photos and measurements and then put them back inside and went indoors ourselves.

Yes, OH is away in town.  Can you tell?

We all worked very hard today.  My back is testament to that (it hurts) as well as my soaked clothes.

4 thoughts on “A Hard Day’s Washing

  1. Margaret Robinson

    And I see the “help” comes in and takes a much-needed nap!!!

    Those are gorgeous carts/carriages. The last one is breath-taking and hopefully someone will pay lots and lots of money for any and all.

  2. Vicki

    Your carts are gorgeous. I hope Haakon is getting quality R & R. So nice to see Frilly aka Mr. Bimble aka the horse with the sodding trot.

  3. diane in northern wis

    Wow what a hard day’s work you did. Love that last picture…..so adorable.
    Hope you got out of your soaking wet and cold clothes and into something warm and dry. Don’t want to hear that you’ve taken sick again. Do take care of yourself Frances. Love your blog and always love the pictures and good stories.

  4. Terri

    Floss+Fivla = adorableness! It must be difficult to part with these carts, esp. the last one. “Needs must” but bummer anyway. Hope you took a hot bath and relaxed (i.e., G+T). In the last photo, Lambie is the epitome of relaxation! (home at last)


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