Asleep in the Sun

The sun decided to make an appearance and I found my old friend, Haakon, having a little bit of sit in the sunshine and almost-warmth.

In the distance, Iacs (aka Mr Bimble) was on watch and even prepared to kill any potential tigers, but only if it required minimum effort.

Haakon is getting old and everything seems to have sunk.  Once he has shoes back on, we will see if he wants to be ridden.  I will know when and if he wants to retire.  Tbh I dread that day but I don’t think it has arrived.  Once he is fitter, he will have a better bottom.

Kappi, as ever, was looking for grass.  It is still a bit early but there is stuff about and if anyone can find it, Kappi can.  He is a food magnet.

I took off little Efstur’s rug and he was enjoying the sun on his back.

He was fast a-bye-byes – probably snoring quietly to himself.

There were a few who were not asleep.  Hjalti was mooching about, ever hopeful.

As were Taktur and Klaengur, in the background.

Even Albie and Newt were having a little bit of a sit in the field opposite.

I love it when they take time off to enjoy the first early Spring sunshine.

3 thoughts on “Asleep in the Sun

  1. Darby

    there’s nothing like the first warmth of Spring to gladden the heart. making the decision to retire a horse is hard. my POA is nearly 30, she is sound but blind. because of the harsh Winter this year I have not really ridden her, and wondering if this will be a more permanent thing. actually for both of us, as I am getting up there too.

  2. diane in northern wis

    So nice to know that the sunshine has shown up, Frances. Your pics of your horse friends are always beautiful. I would like to be there watching everybody, well, almost everybody, sleeping in the sun. Glad you’re feeling better!

  3. Sam

    Glad the sun is up somewhere. Our 3rd No’Easter for my town, was a bust. Barely 3″ of snow. 30 miles north? 8″ of the white stuff.


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