A Happy Family

We brought the little ones (The Littlies) inside to be brushed.

They have been recently wearing their little rugs for a while now, when the weather is bad, to keep their precious weight on.

Little Albie is still not very waterproof.

(happy but still not very waterproof)

And tiny Newt is still falling to bits.  His fur is coming out in large clumps and there is not much growth underneath.  More fuzz than growth.

This is mostly on his face with the odd tuft appearing out of his body too.  I tried not to brush too much, favouring the comb-over instead.

Albie is already a fully paid up member of The Minions.

He is looking very well and is a huge character.

Because of his fraught beginnings, he remains a very sensitive little chap who instantly gets hysterical at the mention of Tor going anywhere.

I have no idea how we will take her away when the time comes, in Spring.  We will cross that bridge when we get to it.

Tor is wonderful. Both her little boys adore her.

We appreciate everything she has done for us.

Some smaller people are horridly jealous, though.

They are attention-stealers.

And then they want to talk to her too.

Anyway, the little boys are good.  They live with Delia and Tor, though Delia comes out during the day to eat the grass around the house.  She wont eat silage so this is a better situation.

We measured Albie and Newt standing on the concrete.

Albie is 29.5″ and Newt is still 25″.  Although not taller, he has definitely put on weight.

Newt is a darling little chap.  Nothing gets in his way.  His determination to be loved is enormous and he doggedly follows us around.


Back on with the rugs and back into the field.  A happy little family.

3 thoughts on “A Happy Family

  1. Terri

    Oh, the Littlies, how sweet they are! I’ve never seen one rolling on his back before — made me chuckle. Kudos to Daisy — she is clearly an integral part of the loving socialization that takes place at Thordale. They all adore her. She is also an excellent rider!

  2. Sam

    The Littlies are doing so well with your love and attention. I do love Albie’s “put your hooves in the air like you just don’t care” move. Having Her Majesty vying for attention brings home just how tiny Newt is.
    Any clue why his hair is falling out?


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