A Christening

I have some friends who have always helped when I needed it most – ie when The Minions went through their first winter, they came rushing round with rugs.

So, when they asked if I could help by transporting one of their ponies to the boat (Lerwick), I didn’t hesitate.

And, with that, my new horse-van was christened.


I will admit I did stop once just to take a photo of the sky which was extraordinary beautiful this morning.


The pony to be transported was a lovely Shetland pony gelding called Casper who was going to his new home south.


We drove to Lerwick and Casper christened the van!  He travelled very well and the van was easy to drive.


Casper loaded and unloaded without a second thought.


I took a photo while his mum was brushing him.


It is always sad (for me) to send a pony south and Casper’s owner said her goodbyes and told him to always be a good boy.


The freight staff walked Casper through their office, because I suppose that was the most direct route and Casper dutifully followed (what a darling pony).


This is the freight “cassette” or container that he will travel on and I could see there was a full haynet waiting.  There is also a water trough in each section.


So that is my Horse Van officially christined and in use.  I love it and can thoroughly recommend Burley Horseboxes who found me the van and converted it to the most useful horsevan ever.


Mine is converted to take 2 Icelandic horses plus, instead of a groom space, there is a section at the back for a Minion.  It seats three and also has a tow-bar fitted so I can also tow a trailer too.

Look our world, here we come!

❤️ 🍏 ❤️ 🍏❤️ 🍏❤️ 🍏❤️ 🍏❤️ 🍏❤️ 🍏❤️ 🍏❤️ 🍏❤️ 🍏❤️

4 thoughts on “A Christening

  1. Terri

    What a sweet pony Casper is — maybe Father Christmas is bringing him to me? (a person can wish, can’t they?) Wonderful van for you, Frances, congrats! (was that the prize for winning Equestrian Blogger of the year?)

  2. Linda

    What a BEAUTIFUL photo that one of the morning sky is!
    Oh, I’m feeling sorry for Casper; I miss him already and I never even knew him. Such a good and brave boy. Hope his new owners love him with all their heart(s)…


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