Another Storm, Another Day

The wind is blowing, the rain is lashing and we are all very bored, bored, bored of it.

I have been trying to encourage the horses and ponies to stay outside but they are fed up and tired.   Despite having hard feed, shelter and grass, they want a break from the non-stop wind and rain.


The girls are with The Minions, though Tiddles somehow is living with the big boys.  I forget how that happened but he happy enough pretending he is a 14hh Icelandic horse and they “mother” him.  Esja is getting to know The Minions.  She is Hetja’s No 2 and is a lovely kind mare who, like Hetja, doesn’t like trouble in the herd.


Floss and I gave everyone who would stand still long enough a good mane and tail brush.  From the state and length of The Minions’ manes, I think there is a Nibbler in our midst.  It all looks a bit chopped.  I am sure I remember Silver having a better mane than that.


I have made a concerted effort not to rug Storm just because he says so.  He is looking good and has a nice bottom/weight to him even though he says he melts a little every time it rains.


In each shed is a toy.  One for the boys and one for the girls.

BN2A9322 BN2A9330BN2A9334

Buckets of water are placed around the shed so there is no hogging.


The old girls are finding this winter very difficult.  I am going to keep them in more, if that is what they want.


Hjalti is still nursing from Hetja so important and necessary food is going in.  He tends to play with his hard feed.

BN2A9333  BN2A9340 BN2A9342

They are a peaceful happy little bunch and Hetja is a good leader.  She rules very well.

BN2A9343  BN2A9347

☔️ ☁️ 💦 ☔️ ☁️ 💦 ☔️ ☁️ 💦 ☔️ ☁️ 💦 ☔️ ☁️ 💦 ☔️ ☁️ 💦 ☔️ ☁️ 💦 ☔️ ☁️ 💦 ☔️ ☁️ 💦 ☔️ ☁️ 💦

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