A Bit Breezy

You know about my obsession with the weather.  These days it is really all I can talk about – that, and Lambie of course.  I can bore for Britain about him.

Anywho, the wind has been blowing for quite a few days now, enough to dry up all the mud and the days are warming up.

We are still feeding the chaps twice a day as the grass, although it is trying, it is not trying hard enough.

Every morning Haakon and Iacs stand about looking like a spare p**** at a wedding.  They have refused point-blank to eat the silage we put out so they come out of the field and have a haynet each to themselves.

They then spend the day in the yard that surrounds the house grazing with free access to hay as well.  Yes, I am indulging them but they are both old men (like Statler and Waldorf, they have opinions and watch everyone who comes and goes) and I think they deserve a bit of spoiling.  They go out with the lads at night so I am not that nice.

Winter coats are falling out and if ridden, brushed out too.


And now I want some rain to kick start the proper grass.  It would be helpful.

And then hopefully everyone will stop needing the extra hay and/or silage.

I am very pleased it is getting warmer now.  My thermals have almost been packed away.  Almost…… I don’t want to peak too early.

1 thought on “A Bit Breezy

  1. Sam

    Bore me away about Lambie. It does seem like Spring is ever so slowly tip-toeing in…even if all the Maine Coons are shedding winter fur like mad.


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