Well, here we all are

Well, here we all are.

‘Bert is beginning to fill out in the right way rather than the wormy-belly way.  He comes up for scratches and chats and he is definitely my Monkey.

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BeAnne is coming along leaps and bounds.  She jumped up onto my bed this morning and that, for her, is a huge achievement.  She even went on today’s dog walk with Loki and Daisy.

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Storm and Tiddles have joined the others in the big back field.


Tiddles is much quieter since his ordeal but he still loves being hugged.


Delia is enjoying being home.


Waffle has decided he is “a big black” (Shetland).


It is an exclusive club and he is very happy pretending.  It is all perspective.


Fivla is lives with Tor and Albie in the little field.  She works hard twice a day and the weight is slowly coming off.  She is stabled at night.  Anyway, she spends her time outside cantering up and down the fence waving her bottom at Klængur and squealing if anyone looks at her.


Albie is lonely.  I played with him in the field this afternoon but I am not who he needs.  Tomorrow we will put Tiddles and Storm in.  They should make him smile.


He likes Fivla but she just does more squealing.


I keep telling myself I am so glad Albie did not go to the Sales.  That was the original plan, when he first arrived.

I could never let him go away now.


8 thoughts on “Well, here we all are

    1. Frances Post author

      If you look back in the blog, a few days Tiddles fell into a sinkhole. My daughter, Flossie, and I dragged him out.

  1. Judith Garbutt

    So pleased to hear everyone is doing well. And even more pleased you’re keeping Albie. I’ll look forward to hearing what he makes of ‘the big boys’!

  2. Susan

    I’ve found myself thinking of Tiddles as I play with our Mini Pippin. Glad he’s doing better. One of our Cardigans just tweeted her back, not as badly as your BeAnne thankfully.

  3. Darby

    what a breath of fresh air. after all the negativity around here it is so good to see this. so happy to see so many of your family doing well. love and family are the most important things!


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