There and here

Mum is recovering from horrid spinal surgery (different to mine) and so I am walking Pip, Mum’s Patterdale terrier first thing in the morning when it is cool and there is no one much about.

Just as we went out of the garden gate, I imediately saw a deer close by some trees near the house.

I felt very privileged as I don’t see them very often. From now on, I am going to take my camera with me on the dogwalks, if it is not raining.

Some good cobwebs today.

Meanwhile, Daisy and Flossie are in Shetland looking after all the horses, ponies, sheeples, dogs, hens and cat.

Daisy sent me some photos of her morning’s ride on Kappi.  Flossie went along too on Klaengur.

I think there is a bit of an orange theme going on here!

Daisy may have given Floss a riding lesson as they rode.  Klaengur has to practice his circles in a nice non-shoving-off-with-his-shoulder way.  I can see he did his very best.

Well done Flossie – not an easy feat.

I love this photo – typical Klaengur.  He plays with everything he can – picking up buckets, cones, ropes, headcollars – anything.

I know everything is alright when I see Klaengur playing.

7 thoughts on “There and here

  1. Shelley

    Hello Frances,

    This may seem like an odd comment but I just met with a bride who looks so much like Daisy, I asked if they were English and they said yes. I showed them Daisy’s photo on your blog and they were amazed at the resemblance. Are you by any chance related to the Boultons….somewhere in time?

      1. Shelley

        Actually her last name is Boulting. Gabriella Boulting. I don’t see an email address for you but you can Google her name. Enter Gabriella Boulting Harvard… if you like.

  2. Nancy

    I hope you don’t get too tired travelling so much over a short period of time.
    Please try to get some rest and take care of yourself too, while you are taking care of your Mom.
    I hope she recovers quickly (probably faster because you are there!).


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