The Garden Gate

Thank you for all your kind thoughts and messages.  When it is suddenly cold, my bones ache – hence the bad mood yesterday.  My spine is a barometer.


Today we have a gale with huge rain showers that are made of ice needles.  I have stayed indoors keeping warm.


However, this afternoon everyone had a job to do –

  • OH walked Loki but BeAnne refused to go; she always stays with me.
  • Daisy checked the ponies in Sandness.  Lyra will be pleased. Last time I turned up on my own, Lyra ran past me shouting for Daisy.  Ungrateful mare.
  • Me? I fed Albie his tea.

Before the light went, I quickly took my camera outside to see who was close by the house.


The mothers were sheltering round the back of OH’s shed.  They are clever and always show their sons where is best to stand.  I took carrots.


Little Efstur was desperate to come and talk to me and when I said “stay”, he put on his disapproving face.  This little horse thinks far too much.  He is very expressive.


I only wanted him to stay where he was because I always end up with blurred noseys on my lens.

Such a pretty boy.


Hjalti was happy to eat his carrots and stand wherever I wanted him to.


He was also keen to show Efstur how to follow me back home and perhaps get into the garden.


I know one day we will find them all in the garden so I wound an elastic bungee strap round the rickety gate in the hope that this might deter them.  They are not Minions who would have that down in seconds.


I have asked OH to mend the gate. Maybe if he sees the bungee strap, he might feel inspired!


It is either that or four horses at the back door! I wouldn’t mind at all.

4 thoughts on “The Garden Gate

  1. Cathy

    Love Efstur, the disapproving look is wonderful. We have been lucky with the weather so far, but I think winter is starting to get a grip. Hope you are keeping warm tonight with a furry terrier hot water bottle. ( I have a collie hot water bottle, but he usually only arrives at about 3 am, and lands on my feet like a ton of bricks.)

  2. Nancy

    I hope you are feeling slightly better today! =)

    I love those old stables (where was it…maybe in Germany?) where the horses live right below the people, in the same house! I would love to do that! But your garden is also a nice idea! hee hee!

  3. Sam

    What’s wrong with horses at the door? Of course one must have enough carrots for the “guests”.
    How are the Minions? And shame on Lyra for yelling at you!


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