Fivla Update

Not-so-little Fivla came home on 24th Sepember.  She was very very fat.


She looked like she had been put steroids.


I will admit, what with BeAnne’s awful paralysis and then my Little Episode (anaphylaxis), we did not keep up Fivla’s intense fitness regimen.  This was mostly because it soon became very apparent that Fivla didn’t actually have laminitis and was not speeding towards Cushings or Equine Metabolic Syndrome.  She was just plain fatty-fat-fat.

Daisy and I talked about the situation and we decided that we would rather Fivla lost weight in her natural environment so that it came off slowly and as her body intended during the bad weather rather than restricting her life.  Basically, she would burn off more calories living outside than standing indoors being starved.

Actually this is what I want for all of them except Albie and Delia – they get rugs.

Anywho, this is Fivla today.


Ok, not microscopically thin but certainly thinner.


She is losing her revolting fat neck crest.  It has almost gone and in a few more weeks it will have gone totally.


Yes, Fivla is still rotund but she lives outside 24/7 and it is a wet cold Shetland winter this year.


She is also getting her lovely smile back.  She was the original nose that was kissed all those years ago.


To me, and I may just be biased, Fivla now looks like an average Shetland pony who is a good-dooer.  She will lose more weight as winter progresses, which is how it should be.


Please tell me you think she looks thinner too.  She does, doesn’t she?

11 thoughts on “Fivla Update

  1. Linda

    I do honestly think she looks thinner (it’s a slow process – as some of us know only too well…). And I believe that smile tells you she’s feeling better, too!

  2. Nicki

    Definitely slimmer, the crest is going down. She’s not rocking that “blown up” look any longer either. Come March she’ll be a Shetland skinny minnie 🙂

  3. Cathy

    Definitely thinner, and some of her roundness must be fluffy coat. I hardly dare suggest it, but I hope instinct hasn’t forewarned her of a very cold winter. She does have a nice smiley face though.

  4. Carol E

    She’s definitely looking thinner and perkier! What a beautiful face she has. I’m glad you, BeAnne, and Fivla are all doing so much better than in September. While winter is dark and dreary, thinking of her melting the pounds away in nature’s way will be a positive.

  5. Sam

    Of course Fivla looks thinner. Good for you letting her be a Shetland Pony and stay outside. We all know you keep a close eye on who needs a rug or to be inside.


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