Nothing Much

My back hurts today.

I can’t think of much to write.

I took these photos of a raven that was flying about on Sunday over the marts (Shetland auction site) where the show was being held.

Ravens are not much loved here because of the sheep and their lambs.  Folk want them dead.

This one was rolling and flying about upside down just because it could.  Clever bird.

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Anywho, today Daisy and I had our flute lesson. It went well – there were even good moments – and then we went on into town.

It was one of those afternoons where everyone just said no when we walked into their shop.

Is my camera lens mended and back from south? – no.
Are the pictures ready for collection, ie framed? – no.
Have Daisy’s lenses arrived yet – no and what lenses!  (Fer crying out loud, Specsavers, it’s been two weeks.)


I hate days like these.


It was so disheartening.


To add insult to injury, we tried to dodge the rain, failed dismally and trudged about getting wet as well.


So, feeling thoroughly disheartened, we left Lerwick having achieved nothing.  Absolutely ruddy nothing.

On the way home, we checked the Sandness ponies and threw carrots at them. OH had very kindly fed Albie for us as it gets dark early now.  Apparently he wolfed it down in seconds.  He can drink a litre of milk in 5 seconds!

Now I have taken painkillers, which I don’t do lightly just in case I have a “little episode” and no, I probably will never get over having anaphylactic shock called that!

Don’t talk to me.  Don’t even come near me.  Sorry, just not feeling the love today.


8 thoughts on “Nothing Much

  1. Celeste

    I woke up feeling crummy this morning and it’s sorta nice to know that I’m not the only cranky one. Here’s to us both feeling better soon! Meanwhile I’m hugging all my animals, that always helps!

  2. Carol E

    I’m so sorry you had a rotten day and have ended up with bad back pain. Bad luck in town :-(. Great raven pictures, even if they’re beastly. I hope tomorrow is better.

  3. Judith Garbutt

    Sorry to hear you’re in pain Frances. I hope the painkillers kick in quickly and give you some relief. Brilliant photographs of the ravens! xx

  4. Sam

    Everyone is entitled to having a Rotten Day. In fact my mom said one should wallow in the rotteness of that one day. Hope you feel better tomorrow


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