Sheeps and Veg

This is the Lambie that Daisy put in my handbag yesterday.


Last year, I had some made, with Lambie’s unique markings, for Daisy and Flossie (along with two very special friends).


As you can see, the similarity is scary!


This year, I may get a version of ‘Ster created, after all he is part of The Family.


So, this morning was spent taking things easy with my boys.

Floss kindly fed little Albie his breakfast (1 litre of multimilk and a scoop of Foal Creep/Mare & Foal mix).

Albie that can take over an hour to eat his breakfast.  Some might consider it a chore but Flossie is very patient.


Because it was raining, Tor and Camus retreated into the shed for shelter.  We let them “wash-up” Albie’s feed bowls when he is bored of them.


Meanwhile, there was a block of dried alfalfa to keep them entertained while it rained.  They like this and a little goes a long way.


This afternoon, after taking the morning fairly easy, I went to work at Turriefield.


My job is to weigh the produce, bag, seal and label it for the various boxes and shops.


I love this job.  It keeps my brain going.  I suffer from appalling short term memory loss (analgesia drugs, life, etc) and for one afternoon a week (plus my flute lesson) I am made to think.   If you know about Dory, then I am the same as her and it scares me.


I end up checking everything many times over in case I have forgotten.  I cannot trust myself to remember so I become obsessive in case I am getting it wrong.  For the shops, it must be right.


This is my box of vegetables, at the end of the day – so proud!

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