Post Anaesthetic Ramblings

I have been feeling a bit nervous about today.  I don’t know why. I have had this procedure (steroid/anaesthetic injections into my spine) a few times but every time is a different occasion.

When it comes to my spine, I get a bit precious.

So, last night, I wrote on Facebook….

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 17.39.56

Accompanied with my favourite photo….


Daisy and I drove to GBH this morning (yes, it is the best name for a hospital ever!) nice and early.  We did the usual department dance.  You know, go to Day Surgery, ring the doorbell, be asked to go back to reception and let the Day Surgery reception lady know you have arrived,   Sit down in Out-Patients reception and wait for Day Surgery reception nurse arrive to collect to you to take you to the original Day Surgery, where you started out!

While we sat in Out-Patients Reception, Daisy and I discussed where BeAnne would sit (on my knee was the conclusion) and also Lambie, had we brought them  And, with that, Daisy took out of her handbag, her Lambie to put in mine so he was with me all day.

I could’ve cried.  What a lovely gesture.


Meanwhile, Flossie was at home holding the fort.

BN2A1245  BN2A1303

My two daughters are wonderful and I cannot thank them enough.


Today was not brilliant.  The injections hurt.  Seriously hurt.  I don’t remember that part where they ask use a needle, poke around and ask you where it hurts, before – usually I am unconscious and remember nothing.  Anywho, it has all been done and tomorrow it is business as usual.


Lambie is always with me!

8 thoughts on “Post Anaesthetic Ramblings

  1. Terri

    OUCH! Hope this procedure provides you with a good measure of relief. How absolutely wonderful that Lambie was there for you, after all! (brownie points in Heaven for Daisy) Flossie looks particularly stressed out, tending those playful ponies at the fort…but somebody’s gotta do it. Feel better soon! xo

  2. Sam

    Hope the shot helps your precious back. And can we see Daisy’s Lambie in all his woolly glory?
    Hats off to both daughters.


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