Ragworting Chore & Reward

It is lovely today.  Hot and sunny.  We are all enjoying it.

After lunch, I went out, armed with my black bin bag, to go a-ragworting in the fields.  I loathe ragwort.  It is a very dangerous plant to horses, sheeps, everyone.

Of course, I also took my camera.

And, of course, BeAnne, Her Maj, still sporting her beautiful neckerchief, came too.

First up was my little separate croft, Clothie.

A perfect five acres with its own spring and old crofthouse and outbuildings.

Apparently, it used to be a school many years ago and is mentioned in the Parish Records.

Clothie is now sadly derelict. I cannot get permission to renovate the house without having to build a tarmac road up to the property, which I do not want.  I want it to stay as a little crofthouse situate in the middle of the scattald.

So, I dragged my binbag and dog around looking for ragwort and I was happily suprised.  For the first time in over 15 years, there was barely a plant to pull up.

And that is totally due to my daughters, Daisy and Floss’ huge efforts.

They have been brilliant.  Working so hard, regularly going out pulling ragwort.

So, for my part, I blocked up the hole under the fence where the hill lambs get in.

My ragwort search and destroy patrol then moved to the other fields around the house.

Again, barely nothing.

Therefore, I had a much-deserved rest.

I was instantly spied sitting down.

And then it was a case of What’s in the bag? Can I have the bag?  I need to eat the bag. My only recourse was to sit on the bag to keep it away from prying teeth!

My reward – an extensive Minion hug sitting in the Shetland summer sun.

5 thoughts on “Ragworting Chore & Reward

  1. Sam

    What a grand reward you got. A Minion hug -even if you denied them the excitement of your bag of nasties. BeAnne is looking lovely.

  2. Terri

    What a lovely piece of property Clothie is! I always enjoy your photos of it. Too bad about the regulations regarding a road. It seems to me that one should be able to do what one wants with one’s own property. (provided it harmonizes with the rural landscape) BeAnne looks so happy in her new kerchief!

  3. Nancy

    What a lovely day!
    I LOVE that last picture! I hope you don’t mind if I use it for the background on my cel phone! =)

  4. Louise Stopford

    I am getting very envious of your glorious summer weather over there in Shetland. Here is North West of England it is feeling really Autumnal already, cool and very wet. What a fabulous project it would be to renovate the Croft House. It is such a shame you cannot get planning permission. I agree with you though that a road (tarmac) would be right out of place in such wonderful surroundings. Your reward was priceless. To think that you can do that every day if you so desire – here I go again, being envious. Enjoy the sunshine and please send some my way.


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