A Visitor. Some Sulking

We had a visitor yesterday.  A fan.  Someone who loved The Minions (and the Boyzenberries).

So, of course, I took her out to the field to meet everyone.

They were all delighted.

And I think our visitor was fairly enchanted too, if smothered.

(almost all!)

But, to be fair, our visitor had never met an Icelandic horse so, on behalf of all Icelandic horses everywhere, Efstur and Hjalti made their presence known.

They love a new face in the field.

Our visitor knew exactly what to do.

She also came bearing gifts – the most delicious honey and a present for Her Maj – we adore it.  Even our postie this morning mentioned how beautiful she looked in her new bandana.  BeAnne now has a slight showey-offey spring in her step – a sort of “look at me, I have a neckerchief!”

After meeting The Minions, I tried to find The Boyzenberries, Lambie, ‘Bert and ‘Ster – who had gone out for the day.

So, I called and called and, upon their return, I texted our visitor to come back and she duly appeared, having been visiting another Shetland pony stud on her itinerary.

‘Bert was on top form.

‘Ster was very loving (this is today with Flossie).

And Lambie?  Lambie who is the most famous of all Shetland sheep?  Well, Lambie sulked and was in a vile not-talking mood.

Personally, I blame the midges.  It was horribly midgey yesterday and he hates them with a passion.

(this is his Greta Garbo “I vant to be alone” face).


4 thoughts on “A Visitor. Some Sulking

  1. Judith Garbutt

    What a lovely set of photographs, Frances! The last one made me laugh (which would probably have caused more sulks if Lambie had known!).

  2. Sam

    If I wore a wool coat in midge season and a visitor brought BeAnne a new bandana and not a single bisquit for me, I too would sulk.

  3. Linda

    What a lucky visitor, and how brilliant, bringing her majesty such a nice scarf!
    Poor Lambie, that’s how I feel when it gets too hot; he’s rockin’ that Garbo look!


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