Playing – A First

I found lovely frost patterns this morning on the car.


It has been freezing all day but not really cold, just freezing.  There is absolutely no wind so the silence is deafening.


The horses don’t mind this kind of weather.  They are miserable with the endless wind and rain and so far, though I am sure it will all change, we have been very lucky.


But, the best part of today was watching Albie instigate play with one of the Minions.  This is the first time I have seen him do this.  He did play with Camus but Camus used to pick on him rather than the other way round.


We fed Albie his afternoon milk and afterwards, he pounced on Storm who was not expecting it.


I didn’t feel sorry for Storm at all.


He has had this coming for many years – someone even more annoying than himself.


They are going to be very good friends – I can see it.  This is how Minions behave.


Albie, having now turned into a typical Thordale pony, introduced himself the way he was taught.


He loved his nose kissey.  Obviously, he understands this method of communication.


Winter brings the best sunsets.


It might be cold and clear but Shetland has breath-taking skies this time of year.


2 thoughts on “Playing – A First

  1. Linda

    Well, if Albie is annoying Storm, I’d say it’s official: he’s definitely a Minion!
    (Such gorgeous sunsets you have, even the frost is a feast for the eyes; thank you for the photos…)


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