For Flossie: Lambie ** Sigh **

Flossie phoned last night and the conversation came around to “and how is Lambie?”

So this blog is for Flossie.

Lambie wants to be different.


We are having some fencing done – a bit fenced off to put a silage bale in so everyone can have a turn but not live there.

This makes the field “different”.


According to Lambie, now the field has to be avoided at all costs.


Every morning, I take a bucket of food and all the sheep follow me to their field to their buckets where I distribute their food.


Except for Lambie.  Now he can’t go in.  He lingers about and today Daisy left him with no breakfast.

Lambie was not happy, mostly because he had not got his own way.


The others were at the far end of their field and I shook the bucket at Lambie who reluctantly (if not sulkily) followed me into the field.

I gave him his brekkie and told him he was “speshul” (perhaps not in a good way).


Meanwhile, ‘Bert is doing brilliantly.  The weight and sparkle are returning.


Always my happy little Monkey.


‘Ster is fabulous, as ever.


And Lambie is being very silly.

Film-star face


They all stay in their field until late afternoon because I am cruel like that.

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Once out, they come wandering down to the front door.


Except for Lambie who is still feeling special.


He did manage to come over and talk to the inmates.


This is “I don’t seem to be getting my own way” face.


My little Boyzenberries.


And this is Lambie’s most filthy look!


He really wants his own way.  It is a battle of wills at the moment.


For God’s sake – the ruddy fuss at staying in a field with green grass.  They’re sheep!


5 thoughts on “For Flossie: Lambie ** Sigh **

  1. Carina

    It´s a grey November morning in Sweden and I haven´t seen the sun in days but this post made me smile. Thanks Flossie for asking about them. High maintenance sheep in deed. Who raised those sheep to be so spoiled, I wonder? 😉

  2. Sam

    Umm, Frances, they are not sheep. They are Bozenberry Lambdogs. Lambdogs don’t go into fenced off fields. Lambdogs go on walkies and get treats.

  3. Linda

    Stay tough, Frances. I think Lambie will come around, especially with ‘Ster and ‘Bert around to show him the way…eventually.
    P.S. How wonderful to see ‘Bert back in the fold!

  4. Colleen McNamara

    Your title for this posting gave me a fright. I was afeered sump’in happened to Lambie.
    Glad all is well.

    Hope the pay pal for Albie came through. Wished it could have been more. Some health thing reared its ugly head and set us back. But all will pass.

    I was gonna say have a Happy Thanksgiving, but that isn’t yourin holiday. But every day is a day to be thankful for, especially if you are blessed with critters in your life. 😉


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