This afternoon, Her Maj, aka BeAnne Duvet, had a play date with a kitten.

The most adorable kitten in the world called Trotsky.

Last week, BeAnne and Trotsky made their acquaintance.

And this week, BeAnne was asked back for an afternoon playdate.

Obviously, they took off from where they left off.

There were pauses (pawses) for a rest – and yes, we did bring BeAnne’s bed so she had her space for time out.

Trotsky had his bed too.

And then he stole BeAnne’s bed.  Because that is what kittens do!

And BeAnne sulked.

This is because a 14 week kitten is so much bigger than a 12 year old Patterdale terrier.

But they were firm friends and hours were spent bouncing and chasing each other.

I think BeAnne is wonderful for the way she behaved.  She never put a paw wrong and she loved every minute playing with Trotsky.

She taught him what she had learned as a puppy with Celt (our beloved and very tolerant lurcher) all those years ago.

Awww, I love BeAnne’s watching baby films (*** sniff ***).



10 thoughts on “Playdate

  1. Margaret Robinson

    Is there a member of your family (and this apparently goes for “friends” as well) that isn’t cute! That is most adorable and BeAnne is quite good with little ones.

  2. Sam

    It helps that Her Maj is closer in size to Trosky than Loki. Plus Mer Maj’s bed looks so comfy. Do love when kittens play and then the they get the bottle brush tail. Hard to imagine that tiny dark Weeble was BeAnne!

  3. Terri

    Oh my goodness, this made my already-great-day even better! Simply adorable! Trotsky and BeAnne look perfectly matched as friends. May there be more playdates for them soon!

  4. Linda

    This is so cute I can hardly stand it…that playtime video of BeAnn and Trotsky was so sweet, and BeAnn was SO GOOD with the kitten.
    And look at puppy BeAnn hopping around – it’s like she has springs on her paws! ( I hadn’t realized you got her when she was just a little puppy)

  5. Louise Stopford

    BeAnn was so very well behaved with that gorgeous little kitten. They really played like firm friends, so lovely to see. We used to have a terrier who was absolutely marvellous with the cats. One kitten we had used to jump and ride on his back and he would never dream of hurting her – they were friends. Your lurcher was so, so patient with baby BeAnn – what a good dog he was. Loved the videos – really cheered my day up.


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