New Year’s Eve Ride

We went for a ride this morning.  Our last for 2017.

For me, this is one of the best sights in the world.  My old friend and Icelandic horse, Haakon.

We did the usual route.

Taktur, Daisy’s stallion, is back in training again after his winter holidays.

Taktur has taken a while to mature – he is now nearly ten years old.  He is, I think, one of the nicest stallions I have ever met.

There was the usual canter up the hill track.

We saw some sheep when we got to the top.  Note the large puddle.

Haakon decided he was very thirsty and stopped to have a long drink.

Many folk have asked over the year if Haakon is a Fjord horse.  The answer is a big fat NO!  He just has gorgeous highlights.  Many are jealous.

So we went to the top of the hill and then made our way home again as it started to drizzle.  I put my camera inside my jacket.

BeAnne greeted us when we got back.  She doesn’t come along any more. She just can’t keep up and I am more than a bit relieved as it could be such a bore to look behind and see a small baked bean waddling behind. Someone would have to stop and wait for her all the time, pushing her along to keep up.

The horses went back out into their field and we we were followed indoors by three sheeple looking like a troika scene on a Palekh laquer box!

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