Irritating, thy name is Efstur

We had some visitors today who particularly wanted to meet the Icelandic horses so we got everyone up to the top field  to meet them.  It is easier that way.

While we were waiting for their arrival, Efstur made it his mission to annoy everyone he could.

Even if they wanted to be annoyed or not.

Efstur:  Am I irritating?
Me:  Yes!
Dreki:  Am I irritating?
Me:  Not quite as bad….. today.

And off  Efstur went again, only this time it was after a new victim, Hjalti.

The herd, all except for Haakon and Iacs, galloped about enjoying the little ones silliness.

There was an occasional lull in the games.

And then Efstur piled in on Haakon, the old man of the herd.

So Haakon, aged 24, piled back in too and told Efstur what he thought of him in no uncertain terms.

There was more rushing about like idiots.

And then suddenly they just all stopped – heads down to eat and you would never know seconds later it was like a stampede.

Efstur:  Am I still irritating?
Me:  Yes, but you are very pretty, if sometimes annoying!

It was lovely to see them all play.  I don’t think Efstur has suffered any ill effects from his gelding last week.  None at all.

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