Inside My Childhood Home

My parents loved to collect.  This was their passion.  In the kitchen, there are shelves of blue and white pearlware plates, platters and jugs that all have been collected over the last 40 years.

I think we could be described this kitchen as “shabby chic”.  Mum has always cooked amazing culinary creations.  At the moment, she is having a vegetarian diet, because that is what I eat.  She is coping well.

The mirror in the hall was bought for 10/6 (ten shillings and sixpence in “old money”) and in a million pieces from Swallowfield Park, Berkshire.  Mum, being Mum, restored it, put it back together again and painted it.  Now 55 years later, the mirror is apparently gently crumbling again, probably back to its original price of 10/6!

This little horse is calle “Pferd”- German for horse.  Made of calfskin and bought in a terrible state, this Victorian horse on wheels was lovingly restored by Mum.  She also made the tack as well as giving him a new mane and tail.

Yes, Mum collects rocking horses too.

Phar-lap is a modern rocking horse designed by Mum and Alec Kinane of Legends Rocking Horses.

Alec and Mum spent many hours sketching out Phar-lap on newspaper on the drawing room floor!

Pharlap is a handsome carved Arab horse on bow rockers.  Mum’s version has a side saddle with removable pommel depending on what side you ride (orginally rocking horses were used to teach children to ride – I did not know this).

This is the celing of my bedroom – we call it Gormenghast.

For obvious reasons.

The weather outside is lovely but the house is always cool.  The walls are 2 foot thick.

Meanwhile at home, Wussums has a new job.  Apparently, he is a stable cat.  Who knew?









12 thoughts on “Inside My Childhood Home

  1. doris eckerlein

    What a truely lovely and amazing house and home! Just as lovely as the gardens…You must have had a wonderful, romantic and mysterious childhood!

  2. Michelle

    I love these glimpses of your childhood home and your mother’s many talents! Seems a world away from your Shetland home; not better or worse, just very different. I don’t have a “childhood home” or such treasures to remember, as there were lots of moves, an early divorce and subsequent remarriage. But I am in a place I love now (and have been for 22 years – hard for me to believe!), for which I am very thankful.

  3. Nancy

    All those plates are lovely! I guess there aren’t many earthquakes around there??
    The mirror is so pretty, it’s too bad that it’s falling apart. Will your Mom put it back together again?
    And those rocking horses are BEAUTIFUL!! I would feel bad to sit on them!!

  4. Louise Stopford

    What an amazing home – it is so interesting. You must have had a marvellous childhood in that house and in those beautiful gardens. Like someone else has commented it looks so different from your home now in Shetland. Although your childhood home is absolutely stunning, I bet you will be glad to see your own home on the wonderful Isle of Shetland.

  5. Kate

    Phar Lap is a beauty…[the modern rocking horse]
    Did your Mum design the ”Phar Lap??” Phar Lap has ben on Alex’s site for many years, but maybe your mum gave the idea??
    I had a miniature ‘copy’ made of one of my favourite Victorian rocking horses..he was made by Sam Glass rocking horses, and Sam did a brilliant job just from photographs, a sketch and measurements
    The mini horse was left ”au natural” as I planned on painting and harnessing him in the Victorian manner like his ”big version” [but when we saw him, he looked so lovely just in clean wood, that we decided too hold off the painting..for now at least. 🙂

    1. Frances Post author

      Yes, Mum and Alec Kinane spent many hours drawing and designing Phar Lap together. Mum is a sculptore.

  6. Kate

    Thanks for reply, Phar Lap is remarkable. I hope you still have him. Of all the modern makes, Phar Lap is one of the best by far. Sam also carves beautiful horses..Bow rockers are just so special.


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