Flossie is Not Her Daisy

I thought I would go and cut some tails that are dragging on the ground so Floss and I drove to Sandness to the girls’ field.

Lyra came racing up to Flossie.  I think she thought she might be Her Daisy, although Floss is taller.


This is her “But, but, but….. you’re not My Daisy” face.


She sniffed Flossie all over, determined to find out who this interloper was – she has met Flossie before but I think I had Daisy with me.  Lyra has never displayed such purposeful behaviour towards anyone other than Her Daisy.

BN2A3299  BN2A3301

Lyra was not deterred in her intense investigations but let Floss kiss her.


But we could see that Lyra was utterly bemused by this person who sort of smelled like Her Daisy but obviously wasn’t.


It was very sweet.  She was determined to find out what Flossie was if she wasn’t going to be Her Daisy.


She was very gentle and puzzled.


I gave Lyra a brush as well as cutting her long dragging tail while she took an interest in Flossie.


Having finished, we walked away and Lyra never took her eyes of us (probably Flossie) while the other two continued to eat.


As we got into the car, Lyra left the others and trotted up to the fence.


Then she whinnied.  Most odd.  She so wanted Flossie to be Her Daisy.


4 thoughts on “Flossie is Not Her Daisy

  1. Terri

    What a sweet story — Flossie is “almost…but not quite” whom Lyra expected. Perhaps she’ll accept Flossie as as a satisfactory replacement for Her Daisy from now on. Wouldn’t that be nice? (for all, including Her Daisy, who probably misses Her Lyra)

    1. Terri

      PS Oops, I meant “substitute” not “replacement” — no one can replace Her Daisy. But maybe there will also be Her Flossie! :))

  2. Sam

    Reminded me of when I babysat a nephew when he was small. He was cranky and started to settle down until he looked at me. I smelled like mom, I sounded like mom but boy, oh, boy I was NOT mom. Took hours to get my hearing back in that ear….I hope Lyra can accept Flossie as a sub for Her Daisy.


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