Esja’s Early Education

After Lyra yesterday, we went on to see Esja in her field which is almost next door.  Esja shares it with a friend’s Shetland pony mares.


Esja was first up and very keen to see us.  I popped a headcollar on her and she had a quick brush.


Flossie was a thing of mystery to the Shetland mares with the bright grooming box.


Meanwhile, I did some leading in-hand work with Esja on the other side of the field.  Esja was a good girl and remembered everything from last week.  I asked her to leave the herd and walk with me round her field.  Some horses can get very arsy about leaving their friends but Esja poddled after me, listening, caring and doing as I asked – just to walk nicely with me, stand quietly and instantly when I stopped walking and to tune into my body language.


It was not a long training session.  Ten minutes, if that, and then I took off her headcollar, told her she was a very good girl and gave her a small reward (those large pony nuts that have a funny smell of Dolmio bolognese sauce).


In the distance, Flossie was getting along well with a little grey mare who is the spit of Flossie’s Fivla.


They were very drawn to each other.  I think they are about to form a Mutual Appreciation Society.


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