Fatsworth. Still Missed. Still in our Hearts

This is a Flashback Friday blog.

Fatsworth, originally Chatsworth (or Chattie), was very special.  We rescued him from the Cats’ Protection League many years ago.


Originally, he was apparently found a-wandering with a horrid collar indentation in a residential area of Lerwick where there was a good Fish shop.  He was about 6 months’ old when he came to us and we never put another collar on him again.  He loved talking (hence his name – Chattie) chips and I would bring him home any lunch-spares when we went to Lerwick.  Chips were better than fish.  That explained so much.

Fatsworth was a character.


He ruled the house and we loved him for it.  No one ever doubted this fact.

Next the world.  It seemed an obvious progression.


He was never horrible to the dogs, just told them how it would be.


And they believed him.


I mean, why wouldn’t you?


Fatsworth was as wide as he was tall.


For a cat that lived mainly on nature’s buffet trolley, he managed to pack it all in.


This was his preferred method of sleeping.


We used to say he was “Closed for Business”.


Wherever you went, you would always be accompanied by a singing Fatsworth.  He talked while he walked while he didn’t tread on the ground!  His talent.


We all miss him more than words.


He was a wonderful character and taken from us far too early.  There was nothing we could do.


So a Flashback Friday for Chattie.  He used to love a Christmas tree – he would sit in wait underneath and then go for the attack under the cloak of tree!  None were safe and none would pass.

He was a sod, but he was our sod.


(yes, I even put him my handbag to see if he could fit – and yes, of course he could!  Did he mind?  Nah!  It was just another receptacle for world domination.)


11 thoughts on “Fatsworth. Still Missed. Still in our Hearts

  1. Margaret Robinson

    I’m so sorry. Hardly anything hurts worse than losing one of your animals. However, and this for me has always been a “bright” spot (if one can say that), that all the animals around you know what has happened and will bond together and hold you in their hearts.


  2. Vicki

    So like my Pumpkin. He was a shit but he was my shit. My poor boy. He lived a cloistered life with me, but I had him for 19 years. I won’t have one because of the need to cloister because of crazy drivers and their killing cars & coyotes doing only that what they’re meant to do, but perhaps to shield my heart a bit too. This made me miss him so.

  3. Vicki

    Pumpkin slept in the shutdown position only in the last year or so of his life. I always wondered why, whether it was more comfortable for him.

  4. Carol Wood

    That’s a lovely story about Chattie. We too took in an abandoned cat many years ago. He was feral when he came. We called him Monty Zooma as he used to zoom about the house as fast as he could!!! He was about 6 months when we got him and eventually he came to trust us but only ever on his terms. We lost him too far too early – he contracted cat aids. We were devastated when we lost him at 3 years. Not a day goes by when we don’t think of him. Cats leave paw prints in your heart (so do dogs, horses and many other species).


  5. Terri

    What a lucky kitty Chattie was, to have found a home with you! ! I love all cats, but some are Very Special. **sniff**


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