British Championships – Part the Second

So, here’s what happened.

The Saturday tölt was not a success.

Kappi had a horrible stiff pacey rolling tölt which was very sad.  Daisy and Bjørn (her trainer) had tried their best but it was quickly very obvious that Kappi had found the long trip (14 hours on the boat, plus another 12 travelling to England) very hard going.  Next time, we will send him with a horse transporter a week early.

This was a family event – Floss (my youngest) had just finished her four year university course and came to join us.

But you can’t make a horse do what he can’t do and Kappi struggled from all the travelling plus the weather – it was instantly more than 10 degrees than what he was used to.

Dear Kappi did his very best but it was not enough.

Daisy/Kappi were in two classes – the advanced tölt class (T1) and then a four gait class (walk, trot, slow tölt and fast tölt and canter).

Ok, slow and fast tölt were not brilliant but Daisy and Kappi achieved an amazing 7.5 (out of 10) for their walk.  That is fairly incredible in anyone’s book.




Fast Tölt

So that is how Saturday went.  Not brilliant but things we learned – Kappi needs time to acclimatise and it is a false economy to rush things.  I feel bad for Daisy and Kappi. I let them down but it won’t happen again.

Family motto – whatever it takes – quicquid capit不惜一切代價

8 thoughts on “British Championships – Part the Second

  1. Sam

    Since none of you had ever done this trip, how are you at fault? Given all the things stacked against Kappi, I think he did a wonderful job. Was it his best? No, but he is Icelandic at a competition in England. In HOT England. I say “Congrats all around” for trying and not failing utterly.

  2. Gwen

    it is still nice to see and they did very well, it would have been better if the horses could have had a rest for a whole day after travelling

  3. Jean Ward

    You have come from the far north to the far south and >10* hotter + 24 hours travelling. You were all BRILLIANT!!

  4. Margaret Robinson

    As you said “a learning experience”, but in the photos, he looks beautiful (as does Daisy)! I’m with everyone else – good job and Kudos to all! MMR

  5. Susan

    Just treat this time as a learning curve, your experience from this trip will make all the rest so much better. Daisy, Kappi and all the team worked so hard and achieved so much and are to be congratulated for their efforts. Best of luck for the future.

  6. Linda

    Oh, sweet, beautiful Kappi – everyone loves you no matter what! You gave your best and that’s all that’s expected of anyone. You’re a winner in my book, sweet boy…

  7. Louise Stopford

    Gosh Daisy and Kappi certainly looked the part. They looked fantastic. At the end of the day I hope everyone had a marvellous time and enjoyed the competing and participating. I don’t know how you can say you let them down. To me you seem such a wonderful mother who always encourages her children and supports them whole heartedly in their ambitions and dreams. What more could they ask for!!? I think the photo’s are amazing, Daisy and Kappi looked so professional. Well done to everyone. Now you all need a well earned rest, not to mention a few G&T’s this weekend.


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