British Championships – Part the Third (and that’s it!)

Out of the blue, on the Saturday evening, one of the Show Committee came up and asked if Daisy would like to take part in a “best of four” class on Sunday.

None the wiser, she agreed and we were all thrilled – Daisy had been asked back to compete on the Sunday, rather than just sit there and watch.

And so, on Sunday, Kappi and Daisy returned.

Daisy had to show four gaits – walk, trot, any-speed-tölt and canter.

I will admit we were all a tad nervous since Kappi was so stiff in tölt but the extra night’s rest had worked miracles and Kappi had his beautiful tölt back plus a stonking trot and a wonderful canter.

Apparently, they take the 3 highest scores of the four gaits shown.

There were seven in the class and Daisy won!

Happy smiles everywhere for Team Thordale (and yes, I cried every time Daisy and Kappi were on the track – every single time I sobbed).

We refuse to do the what-ifs (ie what-if we had arrived another day earlier so Kappi could have rested for longer).

Kappi and Daisy did what they did to the best of both their abilities.

Daisy’s riding was beautiful and Kappi did his absolute very best.

No one could ask for more.

Yes, Kappi got his Krispy Kreme donut, as promised.

He deserved it and that was the deal (between him and me – we had a conversation earlier).

The next day we drove home to the boat – it took years out of my life but we made it safely home.

Our learning curve was vertical but I think that is not a bad thing.  Next time…….




13 thoughts on “British Championships – Part the Third (and that’s it!)

  1. Sam

    Now THAT is the way to end your first serious competition. To be ASKED to enter and then sail off to victory. I think that should have warrented a 2nd doughnut! And maybe a little piece for Waffle. Well done!

  2. pat

    Yes, but did Daisy get a Krispy Kreme too?

    Absolutely beautiful — both horse and rider. Congratulations to both, to the trainer and to Thordale.

  3. Margaret Robinson

    ‘Tis never a bad thing when learning is involved. What grand news and so well-deserved!!!! Kudos to everyone and hey, I’d like a Krispy Creme Donut whenever I did well too! Soak in the goodness of time well-spent and enjoy!


  4. diane in northern wisconsin, US

    Wow ….how exciting! Congratulations to all of you! Thanks for the great pics too!

  5. Sherry Walter

    It doesn’t surprise me a bit. While I can’t see Kappi move your Daisy is obviously a gifted rider with a seat and stillness to envy!

  6. Susan

    You’ve gotten me all teary eyed now too. How wonderfully exciting
    And by the way, I live near the original Krispy Creme Dougnut shop!

  7. Robyn

    Gorgeous horse, gorgeous rider. So happy for team Thordale. Congratulations!!

    Well done to everyone involved including Waffle.


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