You’ll Never Walk Alone

Well, writing it all down yesterday helped me gain perspective with BeAnne and where we are with her.  Thank you also for your kind comments and advice.  That helped hugely too.  It is lovely to have such supportive readers.  I don’t feel alone.

Anywho, today I took your counsel and put Her Maj on the extendable lead. Off we set on our walk in the field to visit the bunny rabbitses in their homes but this time we had company.

BeAnne was quite pleased to know Monster was with us.

Quite, not very. Just quite – that needs to be mentioned.

She had a good time finding things to investigate.

And Monster joined in as well.  He was very much part of this walk.

We reached our destination – a huge bank where the rabbits live.  BeAnne knew.  In her youth, this was a much-loved hunting ground and she would often disappear for a surreptitious little dig during the day.

I let BeAnne do what she wanted, but this time without any potential for escape.

Monster politely sat on a rock and waited.

When BeAnne had had enough, she said “let’s go home now”.

And so we did just that.  It was a very nice little walk, this time with no raised voices, worry and shredded nerves.

Weather-permitting, we shall do more of this.  It was good for us all.


8 thoughts on “You’ll Never Walk Alone

  1. Sam

    Such love in this post! You took the time to ask and listen to advice and BeAnne’s wishes.
    Now all can be happy with wanders, even Monster. Hugs from Little Miss Maine Coon cat and me.

  2. Linda

    Wonderful post – now BeAnn can do as she wants (needs) to, without harm.
    We had a dog that got “feral” towards the end. She stayed outside in our yard, and I would feed her and give her water underneath a tree where she stayed. You (finally) have to respect what they need to do towards the end.

  3. darby callahan

    so happy this worked out and BeAnne had such a good time as did you and the monster. so heartwarming, hope you can have many more such outings.

  4. Nancy Whitaker

    Wonderful post! The extendable works well — use one myself as a way to support outings. Great job!

  5. diane in northern wis

    Great pictures and I’m glad you all had such a nice walk. Looks like Spring is springing at your place!

  6. Judith Garbutt

    I missed this yesterday, Frances. I’m so pleased you’ve found a way to let BeAnne enjoy herself without scaring you by disappearing. I hope you have many more such happy outings.


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