What to do?

Waffle and Hjalti are now joined at the hip.


Hetja has accepted that Waffle is part of her little herd and perhaps, almost, maybe a useful addition.


I am well aware that Waffle is a tad on the fat side but, if I am feeding Hetja and Hjalti, it would be unfair to leave him out.  I am also optimistic that all the roughhousing will slim him down a bit.


The other three Minions are missing their Waffle. He told them when to come and eat and now they are not sure what to do or when to do it.  I suppose he was their Minion Leader.


I was wondering whether to put Silver in this field too.  He is tough little nut and will keep away from Hetja and, if she is going to chase, she can only go after one at a time!


Waffle would then have Silver to talk to and Hjalti could have two to scrag.


Two little Shetland ponies leading Hjalti astray can get into twice as much trouble.


4 thoughts on “What to do?

  1. Linda

    Can the remaining Minions see Waffle? (so they know he hasn’t disappeared into the mist forever?) and will you be putting the whole gang in with Hajlti and Hetja eventually?
    (For some reason it makes me think of a pajama party, with all of them together, and Hetja trying to get them to calm down…) 😉

  2. Darby

    glad to see it is working out with Waffle and that momma is on board as well. always love seeing these little guys!

  3. Sam

    Poor Little Minions lost without the ring leader….wondering who will step up to lead the pack now? I vote Tiddles.


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