Wet Wokingham

Today was a trip to Wokingham in the pouring rain which came and went very fast but was very wet.

First to Robert Dyas – possibly one of the best shops ever. It has everything and we wandered round in a mixture of awe and happiness, quickly found and bought what we needed.

Floss and I then made a hasty dash in the rain to Waterstones Bookshop. We both walked through the doors, stopped and sniffed the lovely smell of new books.  What heaven.  I treated Floss to a couple of books as she saved the day looking after Ted.  The least I could do really.

To Boots, almost next door, for essentials.  It is lovely to see what we can’t and don’t have in Shetland. Our Boots is about the size of Mum’s downstairs loo (a possible slight exaggeration!)

The rain returned but I wanted to look at the local market.  We were on the way back to the car anyway.


And then in the afternoon, while organising various things for Mum in absentia, I made this little chap. When I have spare time, I either transcribe the diaries or make sheep. It is good therapy.

2 thoughts on “Wet Wokingham

  1. Sam

    Lovely looking town. And yes, one of the best smells is a bookstore…
    The wee sheeple reminds me of Teddy – perhaps the head tilt?


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