Wet Felting Day

My friend, Karen, offered to teach us, that is me, Flossie and another friend, Joy, how to do wet-felting.  This is something I have always wanted to have a shot at.

We started by learning the basics.  We were making a flat piece first.

My background was black.

And then I decided I would be making a small wall-hanging depicting the Northern lights, or Merrie Dancers as they are called here.

Floss’ pattern.

Joy’s creation.

And then the hard work – the rolling and rolling and rolling and rolling….. (and add many more rollings).

Tidying up the sides (optional).

My artwork now drying.

A lovely lunch (yum to the spinach and bacon homemade bread) and off we went again.  This time making a something.  I was going for a small pot.

It was to have a yellow/gold interior….

… and black on the outside with green streaks (not artistically placed yet).

Joy was making a useful small purse.

Floss was the same as me – the pot – only with blue colours inside and out.

After the felting and rolling, time to cut out the plastic bit inside that holds the shape.

Mine resembled a small Frenchman’s beret – again I was going for the Northern Lights look but this time around I had learned to be more subtle with my colour distribution.  Less is most definitely more.

Karen was an excellent teacher. It was fascinating and we learned a lot.

My finished article.  It is ….. erm …. very organic!

Floss’ dear little pot.  I love the colours and shape.

And so this is what we did today in our Crafting Class.

An excellent day.  I loved it and a huge thank you to Karen for everything – instruction, soup and a good laugh.


6 thoughts on “Wet Felting Day

  1. Margaret Robinson

    Whilst Harry’s going for the lunch you all had (and he thanks OH for the bread), I wanted to say “Wow” to the felting. That’s amazing!

  2. rheather

    Since Lambie’s fleece isn’t the best grade(but his winning smile is!) will it felt nicely for a rug or chair cushion? I love all the creations from the class!

    1. Frances Post author

      Perhaps. Lambie’s fleee is work-in-progress sitting in a box until we get to the “washing a fleece” class, which is happily on the cards. Exciting times ahead.


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