We’re Out!

Poor Monster has spent the last two weeks wanting to go out more than anything.

We have given him toys in the house, mostly with a catnip involvement.

Drugs are good!

BeAnne was also sent a huge bag of bally-balls.

She wanted them all.

What the Hell – I gave her the lot.  One happy little dog again.

Last week, Lambie came into the house because he was upset with the heat and flies (hates them to distraction).  He was very interested in the new white could-this-be-another-lamb animal.

Poor Monster could not believe his eyes (or his nose – the accompanying stench was mighty!)

But Lambie was intrigued and wanted to get to know this newbie.  So he held Monster hostage under his chair resulting in Lambie jumping everytime a paw came out to swipe, and then after about ten swipes and jumps and no backing down, I saw Lambie running after Monster into the kitchen!

It was very funny.

Meanwhile, Peace Negotiations are going along ok.  There is the odd hiccup, but mostly it is ok.

Today we opened the back door and Monster was allowed out.

There was much investigating and it has been raining, which in a way is good as it has shown Monster how to come home.

BeAnne said it was her garden.

‘Ster was also interested.

It is the local wildlife I am worried for.  Is Monster the Great White Hunter?

He has terrible manners.  I am shocked.

We left the backdoor open so Monster could spend his day coming and going.  He found the two cat flaps that he has to negotiate, a bit awkward. To be honest, we were unsure whether he could get himself through as he is quite large!

We are getting there and Monster is doing very well.  He has us very well trained.

BeAnne is just biding her time – all she needs is photographic evidence and she can Rule her World again!

9 thoughts on “We’re Out!

  1. Sam

    Love BeAnne on the couch in a Bally Ball coma. And since you named him Monster – what did you expect as to where he would nooze? Glad he went out and came back home. No way will he fit the cat flaps as is.
    Is OH on-call for a adjusting the flap?

  2. Susan

    Just remind him that until next winter, he glows in the dark. That’s what I do with our nearly all white barn cat. He’s soooo handsome.

  3. diane in northern wis

    Thanks for the great update on BeAnne and Monster and even on Lambie. Such a menagerie at your house and so much fun to see all the pics and hear the latest stories. At least Monster came back home after checking out the yard. He is a beautiful cat. Hopefully everybody will settle in at last.

  4. Eva

    Catnip, a bag of balls and indoor privileges…. I think it’s fair to say that there are 2 furry and 1 woolly family members that are feeling very loved up there in Shetland

  5. Louise Stopford

    Monster is going to have the time of his life with you all in Shetland – one very lucky cat indeed. Loved all the photo’s.

  6. Linda

    I’m so glad to see BeAnn coming around! And I’m betting on a good (if not great) outcome between her and Monster.
    And I’m also happy that Monster knows his home: I’m thinking the trick was the open door – letting him know he can come AND go AND come back again as he chooses…

    1. Frances Post author

      No sightings recently. Was seen around our neighbour’s. Everyone been keeping a lookout.


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